Sanitary & Heating

Our specialised heating and sanitary department supplies high quality... 

We guarantee quick delivery and offer cutting edge equipment using the latest developments
in sustainable energy.
These products include gas or oil boilers, heat pumps, custom water heaters, storage accumulators, solar systems and collectors from brands such as Wolf,  
Cipag,  Nibe,  Wolf,  IVR and Giacomini.


  • boilers, water heaters, solar systems 
  • heat pumps, water heaters, custom water heaters
  • storage accumulators, solar systems, dual flow ventilation
  • fittings for heating
  • piping for underfloor heating
  • floor insulation
  • energy metering
  • radiators 
  • heat circulator
  • fixing of pipes 
  • expansion, safety valve, compresso
  • heat exchanger


  • electric and custom water heaters 
  • sanitary fittings and pipes 
  • hot and cold water metering 
  • sanitary circulator 
  • lift pump  
  • fixing of pipes 
  • brass fittings 

Customer service

Our heating department offers around the clock service. 
24/7 all year round. 
heating customer service: +41 (0)22 307 26 30.

 +41 (0)22 307 26 30



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